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Kea Health Healing Cream


  • SOOTHING – This Manuka Honey cream is rich in lanolin, olive oil, and New Zealand Manuka Honey; Our anti-itch cream is the ideal itchy skin relief for people who need fast-acting alleviation from symptoms; Perfect as an eczema cream or psoriasis treatment.
  • NEW ZEALAND MADE – Kea Health’s anti-itch cream extra strength treatment contains Manuka honey from New Zealand; We work with nearby farmers to sustainably source local ingredients for this moisturizer for dry skin; For dry skin relief that treads lightly on the planet.
  • LANOLIN AND OLIVE OIL – Perfect as a hand cream for dry cracked hands, Kea Health’s hand, and body moisturizer contains a blend of natural oils for deep hydration; Our moisturizing cream features lanolin, a nourishing oil occurring naturally in sheep fleece; We’ve also included olive oil in our skin moisturizer treatment to help keep your dermal layers soft and supple.
  • HEALING HONEY – The secret to our soothing dry skin cream is Manuka honey, a special type of honey with healing properties; Manuka honey has natural anti-inflammatory qualities which means this cream for dry skin is ideal to treat eczema and psoriasis; Say goodbye to itchy, irritated skin with Kea Health’s moisturizer and itch relief cream
  • CRACKED, DRY SKIN – Our dry skin moisturizer is incredibly effective to rescue stressed out, cracked skin on hands, feet and elbows; Simply apply the Manuka hand cream for dry hands to the affected area twice daily; What’s more, our dry skin and eczema relief is free from parabens and sulfates

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This Manuka honey cream from Kea Health has been expertly formulated to rescue dry, cracked, and irritated skin. This anti-itch cream offers rapid relief from eczema and psoriasis as well as healing cracked hands, feet, and elbows damaged by exposure. More than just an eczema cream, use our moisturizer for dry skin to treat chapped lips and persistently stubborn dry areas. Give your skin the nourishment and hydration it deserves with Kea Health’s hand and body moisturizer.

Kea Health itchy skin relief and moisturizer cream is based on a traditional New Zealand farmer’s treatment dating back more than 50 years. To help fight dry hands and cracked skin from the extreme cold and wind, farmers in Wanaka, New Zealand have been combining locally produced Manuka honey with hand cream for generations. We’re now bringing this secret remedy to the rest of the world with a soothing hand and body cream formulated to nourish dry skin.

Unlike inferior hand cream for dry cracked hands, Kea Health’s hand cream for dry cracked hands is free from sulfates or parabens. Our anti-itch cream extra strength treatment with Manuka honey is expertly formulated in New Zealand in close consultation with dermatological specialists. Our promise is this, if we wouldn’t use this nourishing skin moisturizer ourselves, we won’t sell it.

People love Kea Health’s dry skin cream as an eczema treatment and psoriasis cream. The natural anti-inflammatory qualities of Manuka honey ensure that this is one of the most effective skin repair creams to fight irritated, itchy skin. Simply apply the cream to the affected area to fight the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema and get the relief you crave.

Our soothing Manuka honey cream features healing and calming properties. Manuka honey has been used for centuries in New Zealand as a natural treatment for wound healing, skin irritation, and to clean dermal infections. With locally sourced Manuka honey from nearby farmers.