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2 Pack Habitrol Patch Step 3 7mg 28 Piece

2 Pack Habitrol Patch Step 3 7mg 28 Piece



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Habitrol Nicotine Patches: Your Key to a Smoke-Free Life

  • Dated 2024 or newer
  • An effective way to quit smoking
  • Simple-to-use adhesive patch
  • Eases nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • No prescription required
  • Studies show NRT products are effective in smoking cessation
  • A three-step program designed to taper smoking in 12 weeks
  • Available in three strengths: step 1 (21mg), step 2 (14mg) and step 3 (7mg)
  • Time-release action
  • Use only once per day

    Like other NRT products, Habitrol patches soothe nicotine withdrawals and cravings without users smoking. This patch is applied to the skin for a period of 24 hours, slowly releasing nicotine. Habitrol patches are easy-to-use, effective, and inconspicuous stop-smoking aids with a time-release action.

    Habitrol patches are available in varying strengths as part of a three-step program to quit smoking. Each patch - 21mg (step 1), 14mg (step 2), and 7mg (step 3) - is typically applied for 3-4 weeks, starting with step 1 and progressing through to step 3. Exact durations may differ between individuals.

    Habitrol products available:

    • Habitrol 21 mg patch (Step 1)
    • Habitrol 14 mg patch (Step 2)
    • Habitrol 7 mg patch (Step 3)

    How to use a Habitrol Nicotine Patch

    Habitrol patches are designed to be used as part of a three-step program but may be used in one or two steps only. Those smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day should begin with the step 1 patch (21mg) while those smoking fewer than 20 cigarettes per day should begin in step 2 (14mg).

    To use:

    1. Remove Habitrol patch from the child-resistant foil backing. 
    2. Apply Habitrol patch to a clean, dry area of skin on the upper body. 
    3. Using the palm of the hand, hold the patch in position for 10-20 seconds. Apply patches to a different position each day, repeating positions only every few days.
    4. Wash hands thoroughly after application to avoid irritation. 
    Product Notice

    The appropriate strength and usage of nicotine replacement products are highly individualized and will vary depending on your smoking habits and previous quit attempts. Heavy smokers or those who have previously tried to quit without success may require higher-strength options. If you are unsure of the appropriate strength please contact us.

    Combination Therapy with Nicotine Patches

    If you've found that solo NRT methods fall short in your quest to quit smoking, a combined approach could elevate your game. Choose from a versatile range of pairing options: team up a Nicotine Patch with any other option, including Nicotine Gum , Nicotine Lozenges , Nicorette Inhalator , or Nicorette QuickMist .

    The patch provides a steady stream of nicotine to stave off daily cravings, while your choice of gum, lozenge, inhalator, or QuickMist serves as a quick-relief option for immediate cravings. This multi-method approach allows you to gradually decrease the strength of your patch while also reducing the number of gums, lozenges, inhalators, or QuickMist sprays you use, setting you on a personalized path to quitting success.

    Therapy notice

    Please Note: To ensure the products effectively assist you on your quit-smoking journey, it's important to adhere to daily usage limits. For the Nicotine patches, do not exceed one per 24-hour period. Keep out of reach of children.

    Subscription Service

    Subscription Service