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Unconventional Tips That People Swear By To Help Quit Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is an unhealthy pastime that causes negative impacts on the body. Yet many people still smoke because they don’t have the right means to quit or can’t make themselves quit on their own. If you are having a hard time quitting, read our expansive list below of effective, creative, and somewhat unique methods people use to beat cravings and quit smoking for good!

Replace & Refresh Habits

Refresh your mind and replace bad habits with healthy ones such as:

  1. Sleep your cravings away! – Sleeping helps reset your body and puts your mind at ease. So when you’re experiencing really strong cravings, why not have a nap?
  1. Use games to distract your mind – Replace smoking breaks with game breaks instead. If you usually have smoking breaks at work, switch that activity with a different one like solitaire, table tennis, or even phone games.
  1. Calm your senses with incense – If you really need to light something, light incense or candles instead! Incense can be soothing on the nerves and can help deter your association of smoke away from cigarettes and towards incense, instead. However, if you think lighting incense will aggravate your cravings, don’t do this.
  1. Replace smoking with dog biscuits! (we’re only half-joking…) – Apparently, one woman did use dog biscuits effectively to help curb her cravings! But we’re not telling you to go open your dog’s treat box and take out a few for yourself (unless you really want to…). The main idea behind this theory is to replace unhealthy habits with healthy products and hobbies. There are many quit smoking products available online that are clinically proven to help people quit smoking and diminish withdrawal symptoms. But alternatively, besides dog biscuits, people have also found other replacement options that have been effective for them, such as drawing, writing, or cleaning when they start to feel cravings rising. What are you going to try?

Change Your Mindset

Great ways you can change the way you think about cigarettes include:

  1. Creative visualization – Another quitting technique to change your mindset is visualization. By visualizing themselves as non-smokers, people have managed to change their associations with cigarettes so that their impression of smoking no longer aligns with relaxation.
  1. Hypnotization – Some people try hypnotherapy to change their mindset and they say it works for them, so maybe it will work for you?
  1. Say it out loud – By telling someone about our smoking habits, we can more easily accept that we have an addiction. One woman told her doctor that she had been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 28 years. Only after saying it out loud was she able to realize the full impact of what she was doing.
  1. Mantras – repeating motivational mantras can be a good way of reminding and encouraging ourselves to keep on track.
  1. Make Smoking Gross – Do whatever you need to do to make smoking unappealing. One trick is to keep one cigarette and toss all your other cigarettes away. Keep that one for emergency puffs, let it get old, dusty, and greasy until you really don’t want to smoke it anymore. Another trick is to get all your cigarettes and make them soggy and leave them somewhere to grow old and moldy. Sounds gross, right?!
  1. Make Smoking a Hassle – Put your cigarettes in an out-of-the-way location and never give yourself easy access to them. One person went as far as putting their cigarettes in a plastic bag and burying them in a plant pot so they would have to dig them up every time they wanted a cigarette. Pain in the behind, right?

Health & Nutrition

Healthy ways you can help yourself beat cravings include:

  1. Get your teeth professionally cleaned – Invest in your teeth and gums and go to your dentist for a hygienist’s appointment. You might find out some scary facts about the health of your gums, but all the more reason to start taking care of your mouth now! After your teeth are professionally cleaned, you won’t want to tarnish your beautifully white smile anymore with smoking.
  1. Brush your teeth – Combine this step with the one above for maximum results. When you feel like your cravings are winning, brush your teeth, or use mouthwash to refresh yourself.
  1. Run to beat your cravings! – Some people eat dog biscuits to curb cravings, some run their cravings into the ground with exercise! Which one are you? It has been proven that exercise, no matter the intensity, is very effective at diminishing withdrawal symptoms, so start running, or even just walking, you can pick up a sport you like, go to the gym, do yoga – whatever works for you!

Support & Motivation

The best kind of support methods you can use to keep yourself motivated include:

  1. Make a deal with yourself – One man made a deal with himself that it was alright to smoke one cigarette a week, as long as he stopped his pack-a-day routine. What would you promise yourself in order to change your habits and stick to your resolve?
  1. Make it a bet – If you are the competitive type, make a bet with your friends and prove to them that you can quit.
  1. Make it a Competition – Quit with your friends and motivate each other along the way! Make it a competition to see who can quit for the longest.
  1. Tell the world you’re quitting smoking! – Whether you just let one friend know, your whole family know or announce your decision to everyone on your Facebook account! – hold yourself accountable by making your intention to quit smoking known. Do what you need to do to succeed!

Which Quit Smoking Tips Are The Best?

We hope you enjoyed reading and found some useful tips to try out for yourself! Which ones would you incorporate into your quit-smoking routine? If you can’t decide and need more inspiration, explore our products online and read more quit smoking blogs for inspiration. We provide nicotine replacement therapy products such as Nicotrol gum, lozenges, patches, and more for our customers. NRT products are an excellent investment because they help diminish withdrawal symptoms, sate cravings, and make the whole journey easier to manage.

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