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Subscribe and save

Subscribe & Save

Unlock savings and convenience by enrolling in our Subscribe and Save program through your KEA Health account. Not only will you gain seamless control over your product subscriptions, but you'll also enjoy up to a 5% discount on your orders.

How it works

To initiate a subscription, visit the product page of your chosen item, select "Subscribe & Save," and then choose your preferred re-order frequency from the drop-down menu. You can add both single or multiple subscription items and one-time purchase items to your cart concurrently.

For a streamlined checkout experience, you'll have the flexibility to choose your preferred payment method and shipping address during subscription setup. Your selected billing preferences will be saved for future orders to expedite the process.

Easily manage all your KEA Health subscriptions from one centralized location on our website—navigate to 'Find My Subscriptions' within your account. It is important to note that the website price at the renewal date determines the cost of each renewal order.

The subscription discount will be taken off the price before it is charged.

Kea Health subscription

Manage Subscriptions

Managing your subscriptions is a breeze, offering effortless customization even after initial setup.

Renew now

Place new order

Select Place New Order to instantly renew your subscription. You can either Place Order Now to keep your existing delivery schedule or choose Place Order and Reset Schedule to start a new cycle.


Pause or Cancel

From your subscription portal, select Pause My Subscription to temporarily halt your subscription, or click Cancel to end it. Note that you can reactivate a paused or canceled subscription at any time through your account.

Upgrade or downgrade

Add or remove items

From your Subscriptions Portal click Edit next to the items list. This allows you to add or remove products for your upcoming orders. You have the flexibility to include items as either one-time purchases or as recurring subscriptions.

Billing information

Billing information

Click Edit next to your payment method to update your billing information for your subscription. A secure link to make this change will be sent to your email for added security.

Shipping Details

Shipping Details

Select Edit next to the shipping details to change the shipping address for your future subscription orders.