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KEA Health's affordable Nicotine Replacement Therapy products can boost your chances of quitting by up to 70%. Partner with our pharmacists for free guidance to help you quit for good.

NRTs that Work

Our pharmacists actively select and recommend NRTs that are proven to help smokers quit. From patches to lozenges, each option has been specifically chosen so you can take confident steps toward quitting. Explore our range of competitively priced NRTs selected with you in mind, and let’s quit together.

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Choose the Right NRT, Quit Now

Choosing the right NRT is one of the most important first steps to quitting. We can help you make that choice. Take our quick quiz to discover the NRT best suited for your journey.

What Our Quitters Say

I am so grateful Kea Health. I truly believe that you give a person a chance that otherwise could not afford your products. As you know, retail prices in the stores are more than some cigarettes cost. This is so important to me. The shipping is wonderful also. I'm unable to do any shopping outside my home so I so appreciate the delivery! Keep doing what you are doing!


South Carolina


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Success Stories

Susan's Journey to a Smoke-Free Life with Kea Health's NRT Products

Coming from a generation where smoking was normalized, 65-year-old Susan’s decision to quit smoking was 46 years in the making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? You're not alone! Dive into our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to the most common queries from our community. If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.