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Habitrol Gum 4mg Fruit 204 Piece

Habitrol Gum 4mg Fruit 204 Piece




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Habitrol Nicotine Gum: Your Essential Quit-Smoking Aid

  • Helps smokers quit
  • Easy-to-use chewable formulation eases nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • No prescription required
  • Uses nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), which studies show helps stop smoking
  • Can be used to taper cigarette smoking where cold turkey methods have been ineffective
  • Available in mint and fruit flavors
  • Two strengths to choose from 2mg and 4mg
  • Comes in packs of 204 individual pieces
  • All Habitrol gum is sugar-free

      Nicotine gum like Habitrol uses nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) as its primary action to help quit smoking. Users chew Habitrol gum slowly when the urge to smoke strikes, absorbing nicotine to help soothe withdrawals and nicotine cravings. 

      Habitrol gum 2mg (containing 2mg of nicotine per piece) is designed for those smoking fewer than 20 cigarettes per day. For people smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day, or where the use of 2mg gum is ineffective, you may find success with Habitrol 4mg gum. 

      Habitrol gum 2mg and 4mg are available in both mint and fruit flavors.

      Our range includes:

      • Habitrol 2mg mint gum
      • Habitrol 4mg mint gum
      • Habitrol 2mg fruit gum
      • Habitrol 4mg fruit gum

      Unsure of the best NRT for you? Take our quiz to find the best fit for your needs.

      How to use Habitrol gum

      Habitrol gum (2mg and 4mg) is a simple stop-smoking aid. To use:

      1. Chew a single piece of Habitrol gum until it tastes strong
      2. Hold gum between teeth and cheek
      3. Continue chewing when the taste of the gum fades
      4. Repeat this process for approximately 30 minutes

      When using Habitrol gum, regular daily dosages are between 8-12 pieces for 2mg and 4-6 for 4mg gum. It is not recommended to exceed 20 pieces of 2mg gum or 10 pieces of 4mg per day. Do not use more than one piece of Habitrol gum per hour. Processes for using Habitrol gum differ when using combination therapy.

      Product Notice

      The appropriate strength and usage of nicotine replacement products are highly individualized and will vary depending on your smoking habits and previous quit attempts. Heavy smokers or those who have previously tried to quit without success may require higher-strength options. If you are unsure of the appropriate strength please contact us.

      Combination Therapy with Nicotine Gum
      Combination Therapy

      Combination Therapy with Nicotine Gum

      If you've struggled with cravings or relapses while using just one form of NRT, consider a combination approach for more effective results. Pair Nicotine Gum with a Habitrol Nicotine Patch , or opt for the immediacy of a Nicorette Inhalator or Nicorette QuickMist Mouth Spray . The patch ensures a continuous release of nicotine throughout the day, giving you a baseline level of support.

      On the other hand, Nicotine Gum , the Inhalator, and the QuickMist Mouth Spray provide rapid relief for those unexpected cravings. For optimal success with gum, stick to 4-12 pieces a day, ensuring you don't exceed the 12-piece limit. By integrating these varied methods, you can manage your cravings more effectively and significantly boost your odds of quitting smoking for good.

      You can gradually reduce the strength of the Habitrol Nicotine Patch over the suggested period and also work to reduce the amount of the gum/lozenge you use each day, making sure you manage your cravings as necessary.

      Therapy notice

      Please Note: To ensure the products effectively assist you on your quit-smoking journey, it's important to adhere to daily usage limits. For Nicotine Gum, the maximum allowable dosage is 20 pieces a day for the 2mg strength and 10 pieces a day for the 4mg strength. Keep out of reach of children.

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