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Nicorette Invisipatch Step 3 10mg 7 Piece

Nicorette Invisipatch Step 3 10mg 7 Piece




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Nicorette InvisiPatch: Three Easy Steps Towards Quitting for Good

Nicorette InvisiPatch is one of many of our quitters’ trusted companions on their journey to quit smoking. Quitters rely on its clinically proven formula to effectively combat nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. With its discreet design and no prescription needed, Nicorette InvisiPatch offers a convenient and reliable solution for your quit-smoking goals.

The Nicorette InvisiPatch provides a three-phase step-down program, allowing quitters to decrease their nicotine dependency in a controlled fashion.

Key Features 

  • Discreet Design: Our quitters love the clinically proven InivisiPatch because they can be easily hidden under clothing, allowing quitters to go about their day without drawing attention to their quit-smoking efforts.
  • Accessible and Easy: Nicorette InvisiPatch offers a step-down program with three phases, enabling quitters to gradually reduce nicotine dependency in a controlled manner.
  • Steady Nicotine Delivery: These patches ensure a consistent release of nicotine throughout the day, effectively easing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Accessible and User-Friendly: With no need for a prescription, Nicorette InvisiPatch offers an accessible and straightforward solution to quit smoking today.

Each pack of Nicorette Invisipatch contains seven patches, offering you a week's supply to support your quit-smoking goals.

How They Work

Nicorette InvisiPatch delivers a steady dose of nicotine through the skin, ensuring a consistent nicotine level in the bloodstream. This helps alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms, enabling quitters to gradually reduce their nicotine dependency while on the path to quitting smoking.

How to Use

These patches are a breeze to use. 

For those who smoke more than 10 cigarettes daily, we recommend starting your journey with the 25mg Step 1 patch, gently applying it once a day for four weeks. As you progress, transition to the 15mg Step 2 patch for daily use over the following two weeks, and finally, embrace the 10mg Step 3 patch for another two weeks to complete the program.

If you're smoking fewer than 10 cigarettes daily, begin with the 15mg Step 2 patch, applying it daily for six weeks to gradually ease into your quit-smoking journey. Then, smoothly transition to the 10mg Step 3 patch for daily use during the final two weeks, ensuring a steady and comfortable progression toward a smoke-free lifestyle.

What's This Product Made Of?  

Curious about the ingredients? Check out the full ingredient list here.

Product Notice

Selecting the right NRT is a personal choice that may vary with how you smoke and past quit attempts. There are different options and strengths to suit everyone. Are you still trying to figure out your ideal NRT? No problem, we’ll help – take our quick quiz or get in touch.

Combination Therapy with Nicotine Patches
Combination Therapy

Combination Therapy with Nicotine Patches

Struggling to quit with just one NRT? No problem. Our combination therapy could be the jumpstart you need. 

Pair our patches with another of our NRTs, like an Inhalator , Gum , Oral spray or Lozenge, for immediate relief during unexpected cravings.

The patch will provide a consistent stream of nicotine over the day, meaning you can curb sudden cravings with another of our products. Our lozenges, inhalers, gums, and oral sprays are all designed to act quickly to soothe sudden urges. 

This dual-method approach can significantly boost your success in quitting smoking, offering a well-rounded strategy to overcome cravings. KEA Health supplies plenty of quality NRT products; check them out by visiting our Products page.

Chat with our pharmacists if you'd like expert advice or to know more about our products.

Therapy notice

Please Note: Keep to daily limits for NRT products. Always keep these products out of children's reach.

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