Lady applying Nicotine Patch to Arm

The Health Benefits Of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy, or NRT as it is often called, is a process that allows smokers who are highly dependent on nicotine to quit smoking without completely cutting the nicotine off in their bodies. Most smokers would agree that quitting smoking for the first time usually results in a failed attempt. For many, it takes more than 10 or 15 attempts to quit smoking for good. Many have reported saying that the withdrawal symptoms are so intense that they give in to the temptation within two or three days after being ‘smoke-free’.

This is where Nicotine Replacement Therapy comes into the picture. Nicotine, minus harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, can ease the harmful effects and helps to better deal with the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking. Although people argue there are still harmful effects of nicotine consumption, there are a number of health benefits of nicotine replacement therapy that cannot be ignored. What’s more, having nicotine in moderation can actually help you become ‘smoke-free’ for good.

Double the chance

Have you or somebody you know tried their hand at quitting smoking? The chances of successfully quitting cold turkey are bleak, to say the least. If you are looking at doubling your chances of quitting smoking right from the word ‘go’, NRT might just be what you need. Clinical trials have shown that people undergoing nicotine replacement therapy have 50% to 70% higher chances of quitting smoking, than those without the therapy.

Less harmful than cigarettes

Unlike cigarettes and tobacco that are known to contain harmful carcinogens, there is no evidence as of yet that nicotine itself causes cancer. This makes nicotine a less harmful alternative to cigarettes and tobacco for people who are aiming to quit smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy can, as such, be the ideal stepping stone to achieve the ‘smoke-free’ life you have envisioned for yourself. What’s more, NRT products contain much less nicotine on average as compared to tobacco.

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms

Ask smokers who have tried quitting and they’d tell you just a day without a puff can make them irritated, frustrated and depressed. People also complain of restlessness, sleeplessness, difficulty concentrating, and feeling angry during periods of being smoke-free. NRT can help deal with the withdrawal symptoms by providing the body with nicotine to reduce the effect. It can be good to start the nicotine therapy while you are trying to cut down on the number of cigarettes so as to better deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Dealing with an unexpected craving

Smokers who have tried quitting smoking know how intense that craving for a single puff is. Whether it is to release stress after a hard day at work or just to refrain from being socially awkward, NRT might help you solve those needs without ending your smoke-free streak. Habitrol nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, or mouth sprays, can help.

Stop Smoking For Good

If you’ve made up your mind to give up on smoking for good, and are looking for quit smoking products, Kea Health can be your trusted companion in your journey for good health. A range of products and services can help you stay strong on your resolute for a ‘smoke-free’ life. Good Luck!!