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Habitrol NRT Products

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Habitrol is a popular brand of nicotine replacement therapy products. It is available in the Habitrol nicotine gum, patch or lozenge. This effective quit smoking aid is designed to help you kick your smoking habit, in whichever format is best for you. Taking these products throughout the program will gradually reduce your craving for nicotine, as well as help manage the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting smoking.

Habitrol Nicotine Gum
The Habitrol nicotine gum comes in two flavors—refreshing mint or zesty fruit. It is recommended to chew the sugar-free gum pieces for 30 minutes at a time to relieve symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and to help kick a bad smoking habit. The gum comes in 2mg and 4mg nicotine options. Read the full instructions or take our quiz now to find out which dosage is right for you.

Habitrol Nicotine Lozenges
Like the Habitrol nicotine gum, Habitrol lozenges are great if you find yourself needing to keep your mouth busy with something other than cigarettes during the quit smoking process. They come in mint flavor and are available in either 1mg or 2mg nicotine strength. Though one of these strengths works in most cases, for those who struggle to quit these can be a good option for combination therapy where lozenges are combined with a Habitrol nicotine patch for extra effectiveness. Please read all the instructions on the pack before use.

Habitrol Nicotine Patches
Habitrol nicotine patches are a good option for those who want to manage their quit-smoking journey passively and unnoticeably. The patches themselves are discreet and can be worn under clothing. They gradually release nicotine throughout the day and work to reduce your nicotine cravings over the course of the program.
Try Habitrol Nicotine Products on a Subscription Basis

If you’re serious about quitting smoking, we’re serious about offering the right tools to help. That’s why all our Habitrol nicotine replacement products can be purchased on a subscription basis at a discounted rate. What are you waiting for? Start your quit-smoking journey with Habitrol nicotine products today. Learn more about subscriptions here.

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