Age: 29, Years Vaping: 4, Quitting Attempts: 3, Time to quit: 5 months, Product used: Nicotine Gum, Time vape free: 16 months


Luke made the crucial choice to quit vaping and start his journey to a healthier, more active life.

Getting Started:

Luke set a quit date and began reducing his nicotine intake with KEA Health's nicotine gum.

The Grind:

Luke faced the daily challenges of managing cravings and breaking the habit.


Luke ingeniously used a fidget spinner to address the hand-to-mouth aspect of vaping.


Luke successfully overcame his vaping addiction, reclaiming his health and vitality.

Staying vape-free:

To maintain his vape-free lifestyle, Luke continues to rely on support systems and healthy habits.

29 Year old man portrait

Luke's Journey to a Vape-Free Life with KEA Health

At just 29 years old, Luke’s life was dominated by a persistent vaping habit that had already taken a heavy toll on his finances, health, and well-being. He started to realize that vaping had gone from a cool social pastime to a needy habit. It annoyed him that he’d fallen for the vaping hype and had willingly bought into a habit designed to keep him hooked. He had always thought he controlled it. But he found himself struggling to break free from the cycle of addiction, despite how it was starting to adversely impact his daily life. Luke became aware that he needed help if he actually wanted to break the addiction. An uncle who had quit smoking using NRT suggested he take a look at KEA Health. With NRT and KEA, Luke gained the support and resources he needed to combat his nicotine cravings, redirect his life, and triumph over his vaping addiction.

Luke’s transformation wasn’t just about quitting vaping; it was a holistic shift in his lifestyle, encompassing improved physical fitness, a renewed sense of self-confidence, and a newfound ability to savor life's simple joys without the cloud of addiction looming overhead. His story is a testament to the effectiveness of KEA Health's NRT products in helping individuals regain control of their lives and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The Challenge: Luke's Struggle with Vaping

Luke faced a myriad of challenges due to his vaping habit, which had begun in his late teens. After 4 years of vaping, he grappled with an increasingly irritated throat, and, weirdly, issues with the sensitivity of his teeth. Also, his decreased stamina hindered his ability to enjoy the active lifestyle and outdoor activities he cherished. The financial burden of e-cigarettes strained his budget, limiting opportunities for personal growth, and his vaping habit began to isolate him from friends who didn't vape, leaving him feeling like an outcast in many social situations. These challenges collectively motivated him to seek a solution.

Why Luke Chose KEA Health

Luke's decision to choose KEA Health was strongly influenced by his uncle, who had successfully used our services to quit a long-standing smoking habit. While Luke was trying hard to break free from vaping, he hadn't considered leveraging quit-smoking tools to aid his journey. However, after exploring the information and resources KEA Health provided, he gained a deeper understanding of the nicotine addiction he was battling and realized how the industry is designed to keep consumers like him addicted. It dawned on him that attempting to quit without support might be setting himself up for failure. At KEA Health, Luke found a variety of NRT options tailored to provide the necessary support for his unique quitting journey. The competitive prices of our NRT products also made the process more accessible, easing financial burdens often associated with addiction recovery.

The Journey: Steps Taken to Quit Vaping

Luke's journey to quit vaping was initially more random than organized. But once he appreciated what he needed to manage his nicotine addiction, he could take a more strategic approach. He began by setting a quit date and gradually reducing his nicotine intake, opting for Habitrol nicotine gum.

The Habitrol gum offered a controlled release of nicotine only when he needed it, providing him with an effective solution to manage his cravings. He also liked the gum option as he was comfortable chewing it around friends and family, as he normally chewed gum anyway.

But he still found there were times he missed the hand-to-mouth aspect of vaping, so he also used the Nicorette Inhalator when he needed that physical action. But eventually, Luke ingeniously used a fidget spinner to replace the inhalator. This clever substitution helped him redirect the habit of vaping while continuing to rely on KEA Health's nicotine gum to manage the overall withdrawal symptoms.

The Results: Luke's Life After Quitting Vaping

Luke's decision to quit vaping brought about a remarkable transformation. His health significantly improved allowing him to embrace an active lifestyle, he rekindled his love for sports and enjoyed newfound vitality. His social connections deepened, as he no longer felt isolated due to vaping. Most importantly, he gained a renewed sense of control, confidence, and personal fulfillment.

Testimonials from Luke and Family

Luke: "Quitting vaping was a game-changer. KEA Health products were my lifeline, making the journey bearable. I've reclaimed my health, and life is so much more fulfilling now."

Gloria, Luke’s mum: "Luke’s transformation has been incredible. We're relieved to see him healthy and happy again. KEA Health's support played a huge role in his success, and we couldn't be prouder."

Anne, Luke’s girlfriend: "I’ve been with Luke on this journey, every step of the way. His commitment to quit vaping and to live a healthier life has truly brought us closer together."

Conclusion: Luke's Recommendations for Others

Luke's journey to a vape-free life serves as an inspiring testament to the potential for transformation. He recommends those considering quitting smoking or vaping to take the following steps:

● Understand Your Needs: "Recognize what you specifically require to overcome the insidiousness of addiction and give yourself the best chance of success with NRT."

● Utilize KEA Health's range of Habitrol, Nicorette, and Nicotrol: “These aids are invaluable for managing cravings and easing the transition.”

● Seek support: “Lean on friends, family, or support groups for encouragement.”

● Embrace a healthier lifestyle: “Rediscover the joy of physical activities and maintain a vape-free environment.”

● Stay persistent: “There will be challenging moments, but trust the process and stay committed to the journey. The rewards are well worth it.”