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Nicorette is an extremely popular nicotine replacement therapy. It has a range of products to help you actively fight back against nicotine withdrawal symptoms, making the quit smoking journey go more smoothly.

Nicorette Inhalator
This product is a much lesser-known yet hugely effective method to kick a smoking habit. It may seem similar to e-cigarettes and other vaporizer methods of NRT, and just like these products, it is also designed to replicate the act of smoking and holding a cigarette.

However, several differences make Nicorette Inhalators a much more effective quit smoking method. These inhalers are FDA approved and work much differently to e-cigarettes as the nicotine is not inhaled into your lungs but absorbed in the mouth through the cheek and gums. They do not blow puffs of vapor so they are much more discreet, and there is no need for a battery or charger for an inhalator as it does not have a heating element.

Nicorette Gum
Nicorette Gum as an NRT product is extremely effective. Not only is it quickly absorbed through the lining of your mouth, allowing cravings to be relieved easily, chewing gum can also aid in other withdrawal symptoms that you may feel along your quit smoking journey, such as stress and anxiety. Nicorette gum is available in 2mg or 4mg, allowing you to choose the right strength depending on how often you smoke. It comes in a variety of flavors, from classic to icy mint.

Most people chew 10 to 15 pieces of Nicorette gum per day. It is not recommended to chew more than 20 pieces of the 2mg gum or 10 pieces of the 4mg gum per day.

Nicorette Cooldrops
Nicorette Cooldrops are a type of quit smoking aid in the form of a lozenge. This sugar-free, dissolvable lozenge comes in 2mg regular strength and is ideal for those who used to smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day. It works effectively to relieve nicotine cravings whilst sucking on the lozenge and then even after the lozenge has dissolved as well. This discreet option is popular among many.

Choose The Right Nicorette Product For You
If you’re having trouble deciding which Nicorette product is best to help you stop smoking, feel free to take our helpful quiz. We wish you the very best of luck on your quit smoking journey.

Warning: Keep all NRT products out of reach of children.

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